Mod Block Illusion | Illusion Blocks for Minecraft

New blocks that you will see in fashion block illusion (Illusion Blocks), differ significantly from the usual “cubes” in Minecraft for Android.

What the Illusion Blocks mod gives

64 blocks |  Mod Block Illusion

Now borders when building in Minecraft Bedrock Edition can be pushed even further. Without the Illusion Blocks mod, they, in principle, do not exist. And now they will be practically erased. The mod will add 64 illusory analogs to the game in regular blocks in Minecraft… Remember мод Ghost Block?

Book Blocks |  Mod Block Illusion

Only if there texture was solid, here it will be a little transparent.

So, to create such a block, we need in MCBE craft a special workbench from four Ender pearls and a regular workbench.

Crafting workbench |  Mod Block Illusion

To get a block with an illusion, you need to connect a regular block and one pearl.

Block crafting |  Mod Block Illusion

But if you have a special stick, you will be able to distinguish where the block is transparent, and where the usual one.

Stick |  Mod Block Illusion

By the way, mobs go through them like a knife through butter.

Mobs in Blocks |  Mod Block Illusion

Don’t forget about experimental features – they need to be activated.

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