Mod Beautiful weapon stands for Minecraft on Android

This modification can be used not only as storage for weapons, but also, for example, for decorative purposes. Also, almost any weapon can be installed on the holder in different directions, for example, upside down or put it on its side. The pictures below show all the weapon placement options.

How to get a?
To get stands for weapons in survival mode, they can be crafted if you are playing in creative mode, use the command / give @s sp10: block_name

Top orientation (weapon will face up)

Downward orientation (weapon will face down)

In order to place an item on the rack, just take it in your hands and tap on the rack, after which the weapon will appear on it. You can also install weapons from different angles, which will change its orientation.

IMPORTANT!!! Do not mount an enchanted weapon on the rack, otherwise you will lose all enchantments !!!
For the modification to work, turn on all the functions of the experimental mode, otherwise the mod will not work or will not work correctly.

Installation instructions for the mod!

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