Mod Balance in everything | Terracotta Expansion for Minecraft

The author who worked on the creation fashion Balance in everything (Terracotta Expansion), tried to add harmony to Minecraft on the phone, which is so lacking in some aspects of the game.

What will add the Terracotta Expansion mod

Maple Forest |  Mod Balance in everything

The author will add mobs, items and biomes that were missing in Minecraft for Android in his humble opinion.

Maple Forest – A new biome with matching trees. Juice is extracted from them, and syrup is prepared from it. You can also collect leaves here.

Deer |  Mod Balance in everything

Deer is an inhabitant of the above-mentioned area in Minecraft for tablet… These are shy creatures, so, upon meeting the player, as well as some hostile mobs, such as hyenas, the deer will run away. If they are attacked by zombies, they will turn into zombie deer. Drop – leather and beef in a random amount from 0 to 4 units.

Deer Zombie |  Mod Balance in everything

Zombie deer are the same mobs, only infected. They will appear in the taiga and maple forests after sunset, but they will never attack first.

Maple Pancake Crafting |  Mod Balance in everything

Sap and Maple Syrup are new items that can be obtained by obtaining enough Maple Planks. During extraction, a juice block may fall out, and then all that remains is to take a bottle to pick up the juice and place it in a smokehouse or oven.

Maple Syrup Pancakes is a new food that restores 5 HP in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Frogs |  Mod Balance in everything

also in fashion improved existing biomes. Reeds or cattails, frogs and duckweed will appear in the swamp. By the way, croaking creatures make a lot of noise, so watch out for your ears!

Frogs are new mobs that feed on insects and make croaking sounds all the time. They breed with the help of termites, are passive creatures and do not even know how to give change. Frog legs fall out of them, which can only be eaten cooked, otherwise you will get the effect of poisoning and hunger in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Improved Swamp |  Mod Balance in everything

From cattails, threads are crafted, as shown in the picture below. You can also collect duckweed in a swamp with scissors, but you should not eat this grass, the effect is the same as from frogs.

Craft thread from cattail seeds |  Mod Balance in everything

Mesa in mod Balance in everything (Terracotta Expansion) turns into a truly dangerous biome. There are hyenas, aggressive animals that attack the player, barely noticing him. They are also hostile to deer and skeletons. Sometimes also found in the savannah. Rotten flesh and small quantities of beef are dropped.

Improved Mesa Biome |  Mod Balance in everything

Hyena |  Mod Balance in everything

Vultures are neutral, but do not like undead and phantoms, they immediately attack them. Bones, feathers and sometimes rotten flesh can be knocked out of them.

Vulture |  Mod Balance in everything

Elephants and termites will appear in the savannah.

Termite |  Mod Balance in all

Elephants are neutral, herbivores that are eager to feast on termites’ nests. They are afraid of bees and are suitable for riding. But don’t forget the saddle! Drops leather up to 6 units at a time.

Elephant |  Mod Balance in everything

Termites are annoying wood-eating creatures. After eating, they can throw off sawdust, and instead of the eaten block of wood, their nest appears. Drop – termites. Yes, that’s a pun. They can be cooked, and because they are raw, you will get the negative effect of hunger.

Improved Savannah |  Mod Balance in everything

Remember that for the stable operation of the mod Balance in everything (Terracotta Expansion) you need to activate experimental gameplay!

Experimental Features |  Mod Balance in everything

Mod settings |  Mod Balance in everything

You can download the file with the mod for free at the link below. Have a good game!

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