Mod Axolotli | Axolotls for Minecraft

These small and extremely cute creatures will meet you underwater in Minecraft for Android. Author fashion Axolotls made several variations of them at once so that you constantly come across the same little animals.

Functions of the Axolotls mod

Blue axolotl |  Mod Axolotli

The creatures of the Axolotls mod are extremely kind to the player, so don’t offend them. They will sail with you in Minecraft Bedrock and help you explore dangerous structures such as underwater ruins.

Axolotl underwater |  Mod Axolotli

The author tried to implement axolotl in Minecraft the way they were shown in the announcement – the animals have custom textures, models and animation. You can now see six color options – they all spawn in the oceans at varying depths.

Variations of axolotls |  Mod Axolotli

They will always follow you in MCBE… The guards do not damage them – in battles with them, axolotls from fashion will always win.

Attack of the Guard  Maud Axolotli

Include experimental features MCPE to modify Axolotls. Have a good game!

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