Mod Asgore Drimurr | Asgore Dreemurr for Minecraft

Even those players who have never heard of Undertale have already begun sometimes to find out where certain heroes came from in Minecraft BE. As is the case with Asgor Drimurr (Asgore Dreemurr).

Functions of the Asgore Dreemurr mod

Boss modification |  Mod Asgore Drimurr

We will delight you right away – from the character of the mod Asgore Dreemurr and the battle with him, you will not be so much emotional shock and violence, since the boss is in MKPE we are completely killing ourselves. He will not have an overwhelming amount of health. Although the authors fashion felt that the boss should still have Über attacks.

Here are its characteristics in MCPE:

  • 2000 units of HP;
  • Normal attack of 30 units;
  • The character’s speed is 0.3, but gradually increases.

All attacks and abilities

Smoke with fire |  Mod Asgore Drimurr

Particle Column |  Mod Asgore Drimurr

Lots of fire |  Mod Asgore Drimurr

Fading fire |  Mod Asgore Drimurr

Pillars of Fire |  Mod Asgore Drimurr

Pillars of Fire - Second Attack |  Mod Asgore Drimurr

Cut the boss in MCBE not too difficult. Use netherite equipment, preferably enchanted. Not a bad “increase” in Minecraft potions, golden food, and bows and arrows. For battle, be sure to turn on the experimental features of the game.

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