Mod Armor mobs | Mob Armor for Minecraft

FROM mod Armor of mobs (Mob Armor) you will not be bored for a long time with Minecraft on Android. Provided, of course, that you will not use your creative inventory, but will seek resources honestly in survival mode. Almost a dozen and a half transformations await you when you download this modification.

What gives the mod Armor mobs

In simple words – the Mob Armor modification will allow you to become in Minecraft Bedrock Edition one of fourteen mobs and monsters from the list. Mod will also completely change the skin of your hero or heroine and give the abilities of the creature in which you “disguise”.


  • this skin fully matches the monster;
  • gives the ability to explode objects (while the character does not suffer in MCPE from explosions).

Creeper |  Mod Armor mobs

Crafting creeper |  Mod Armor mobs


  • just the appearance of the skeleton and “crunch” when hitting the character;

Skeleton |  Mod Armor mobs

Skeleton Crafting |  Mod Armor mobs

Wither Skeleton:

  • the kind of monster;
  • the character’s immunity to fire.

Wither Skeleton |  Mod Armor mobs

Wither Skeleton Crafting |  Mod Armor mobs


  • a revived archer who is familiar to everyone;
  • makes it possible to breathe under water;
  • you can equip netherite armor.

Zimogor |  Mod Armor mobs

Zimogor craft |  Mod Armor mobs

Zimogor Bones Crafting |  Mod Armor mobs

Zimogor Netherite Armor |  Mod Armor mobs


  • zombie skin;
  • no visible effects.

Zombie |  Mod Armor mobs

Zombie crafting |  Mod Armor mobs


  • crafting is similar to zombie armor.

Cadaver |  Mod Armor mobs

Drowned man:

  • will give underwater breathing;
  • the trident looks canonically on it in MCPE.

Drowned Man |  Mod Armor mobs

Drowned man crafting |  Mod Armor mobs


  • instead of a parrot, a chicken will sit on the shoulder.

Chicken |  Mod Armor mobs

Chicken craft |  Mod Armor mobs


  • the appearance of this mysterious mob;
  • allows the hero to teleport.

Enderman |  Mod Armor mobs

Enderman crafting |  Mod Armor mobs


  • boss appearance;
  • allows you to release the skull;
  • makes it possible to fly.

Wither |  Mod Armor mobs

Wither Crafting |  Mod Armor mobs


  • instead of a headgear, there will be a block of mucus on the head;
  • after death begins to attack everyone nearby.

Slime |  Mod Armor mobs


  • view under the chest;
  • able to protect against any projectiles.

Shulker |  Mod Armor mobs

Shulker Chest |  Mod Armor mobs


  • the skin of a completely default character in Minecraft Bedrock;
  • can be crafted from the head of a steve (a mob that lives in the desert);
  • increases the supply of HP.

Steve |  Mod Armor mobs

Steve's Crafting |  Mod Armor mobs

Mob Steve |  Mod Armor mobs


  • increases the stock of health;
  • can be crafted from Steve’s head.

Alex |  Mod Armor mobs

Craft Alex |  Mod Armor mobs


  • Downworlder;
  • gives several effects.

Piglin |  Mod Armor mobs

Piglin craft |  Mod Armor mobs

Zombie Piglin:

  • adds twice as many effects.

Zombie piglin |  Mod Armor mobs

Piglin Zombie Crafting |  Mod Armor mobs

Cruel piglin:

  • adds a lot more effects to the hero.

Cruel Piglin |  Mod Armor mobs

Cruel Piglin Crafting |  Mod Armor mobs

Have you already decided which of the Mob Armor mod will you turn into first?

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