Mod Among Us | Among Us for Minecraft

ModAmong Us adds to Minecraft heroes of the game of the same name and 4D skins! You can infiltrate the company of these little people and figure out which of them is an impostor.

There are crew members and impostors in ten different colors.

  • Blue;
  • Pink;
  • Red;
  • Green;
  • Yellow;
  • The black;
  • White;
  • Dark green;
  • Orange;
  • Purple.

  • Crew members can be tamed using bones.
  • Impostors are aggressive mobs and attack the crew and players.

4D skins

To get a crew member skin in Minecraft, You need to enter the command “/replaceitem entity @p slot.armor.head 1»

Fashion pets |  Mod Among Us

Several new pets have appeared in the modification. Implemented:

  • Stickman;
  • Blue dog;
  • Ellie;
  • Brainslaga;
  • Wall I;
  • Crab.

Paper textures |  Mod Among Us

Paper textures |  Mod Among Us

Now you can choose among Us paper textures for the mod. It is activated as a separate file – available in the archive.

Updated Creeper |  Mod Among Us

Ifrit |  Mod Among Us

Watchman |  Mod Among Us

The villager |  Mod Among Us

Many mobs in Minecraft for Android will look like crew members:

  • Creepers;
  • Zombie;
  • Efreet;
  • Overseers;
  • Villagers;
  • Endermen;
  • Piglins;
  • Hoglins.

Enderman |  Mod Among Us

Piglin |  Mod Among Us

Hoglin |  Mod Among Us

Mobs’ behavior has not changed. Be sure to turn on experimental features for the game!

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