Mod Abundance of biomes for Minecraft on Android

Each biome was created by hand, so there can be no procedural errors in the game. The biomes look incredible and have new swamps, lush desert, lake biome and more.

List of biomes
1. Swamps

2. Lush desert
3. Biome of lakes

4. Endless pastures

5. Tropical hills

6. Volcanic Plain

7. Cherry grove

8. Mushroom biome

9. Pumpkin Plains

10. Jungle Bryce

11. Pine sparse forest

12. Blasted Lands

13. Topi

14. Alpine plateau

15. Lavender grove

16. Alps

17. Dunes

18. Pine forest

19. Frozen earth

20. Canyon biome

21. Icy Peaks

22. Birch forest

23. Sequoia forest

In addition to new biomes, new creatures will appear in the game, which will inhabit new places, and can also be found in ordinary places. Also, you will find a large number of new blocks and a little new, exotic food.

IMPORTANT!!! For the modification to work, enable all the functions of the experimental game mode in the world setting !!!
Installation instructions for the mod!

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