Mod A Little Magic | Watts’s RPG UI + Some Magic Items for Minecraft

Thanks to modifications A little magic (WattssRPGUI + SomeMagicItems), in Minecraft for Android there will be many new items and several mechanics that are typical for RPG projects.

The first thing that rushes to you Minecraft on the phone in the eye, this is a redesigned interface. And not just changed – a bar of magical energy and a health bar appeared in the game. Naturally, they are created by the author modifications A little magic (Watts’s RPG UI + Some Magic Items) for a reason.

Mana and HP scale |  Mod A little magic

New armor will appear in the game:

  • Tiara;
  • Costume;
  • Matte armor;
  • Improved matte armor;
  • Demon wings.

Full picture with the hero |  Mod A little magic

All items provide protection to varying degrees.

IN Minecraft BE implemented knives and daggers:

  • Short knife;
  • Poisoned Short Knife
  • Poisoned Short Dagger
  • Common dagger;
  • Throwing Knife;
  • Wind Dagger (with a slow effect on hit).

Magic wands that the hero can use:

  • Ice;
  • Fiery;
  • Plain;
  • Windy.

There are also improved magic wands:

  • Amplifier (casts a magic circle);
  • Chickenpox (with levitation effect);
  • Fiery (throws fireballs);
  • Icy (seriously slows down).

Any use of wands takes away Minecraft magical energy. Be sure to enable experimental settings for the game. Enjoy your witchcraft!

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