Mod 67 ′ Corvette C2 | 67 ′ Corvette C2 for Minecraft

Here is a cool and legendary model 67 ′ Corvette C2 (67 ′ Corvette C2), which is available in Bedrock Edition mod for Minecraft. For many car owners, it remains a dream, and your character can easily get it.

Functions of mod 67 ′ Corvette C2

Back view |  Mod 67 ′ Corvette C2

A bit of history. This Chevy model turns 70 years old this year! Over the decades, the model managed to acquire seven generations – the first rolled off the assembly line back in 1953. Before us is the second generation 67 ′ Corvette C2 (67 ′ Corvette C2), which was produced ten years after the first from 1963 to 1967. It is he who is available in fashion for Minecraft for Android.

Side view |  Mod 67 ′ Corvette C2

The car is distinguished by colossal engine power and aggressive (by today’s standards) design – even in Minecraft Bedrock it is felt. The author made several colors for it, a couple of which are factory-made.

Silver |  Mod 67 ′ Corvette C2


Green |  Mod 67 ′ Corvette C2

Dark green.

Blue |  Mod 67 ′ Corvette C2


The interior is also present. Alternatively, you can take with you in Minecraft one more passenger for a ride.

Salon |  Mod 67 ′ Corvette C2

This is not the end of the mod’s features. As soon as it starts to rain, Chevy will “pull” the roof.

Folding roof |  Mod 67 ′ Corvette C2

You can get a car through the creative inventory, or using the commands:

  • /summon 67vette:white;
  • /summon 67vette:dgreen;
  • /summon 67vette:blue.

There are two files in the archive modifications – one for Android OS, the other for Windows 10. Enjoy your ride!

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