Mob Moby Venom | VenomCraft for Minecraft

Modification of VenomCraft adds several new mobs to Minecraft, as well as unique items that you can create to help you fight these dangerous organisms.

Mobs received not only new models and texturesbut also stronger characteristics in Minecraft BE… There are only seven of them in the VenomCraft mod.


  • Has a stronger explosion;
  • Not afraid of ocelots.

Symbiote Zombie:

  • Insensitive to burning;
  • They have strong attack and speed.

Skeletal vein  Moby-venomy mode


  • Also do not burn;
  • They can attack up close.

Phantom vein  Moby-venomy mode


  • Do not burn;
  • We got more HP.

Spider venom  Moby-venomy mode


  • They are large and fast;
  • Do not burn.

Antivenom spider |  Mob-venom mod

Anti-venom spider:

  • Can be tamed;
  • You can saddle.

Endermen of a vein |  Mob Moby-Venom

Symbiote Endermen:

  • In addition to their teleportation, they have more HP;
  • Intensified attack.

Venom armor |  Mob Moby-Venom

All new mobs in Minecraft Bedrock Edition have a standard drop. In addition, there is a small chance that a bottle of symbiote will drop – with its help you can tame a spider, and it is also needed to craft items in MCPE.

Crafting items |  Mob-venom mod

Instruments fashionBy the way, they are great for use – they have infinite durability.

Update 1.1.1

Three new mobs have appeared in the update. Skeleton and zombies.

Skeleton and zombies |  Mob-venom mod


Axolotl |  Mob Moby-Venom

Also, the author slightly changed the textures for a number of monsters and increased the chance of a symbiote bubble drop. Be sure to enable experimental settings when you run map… Have a good game!

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