Mob Hider V26 Addon for Minecraft

If you want to become mobs and monsters in Minecraft, click to download Mob Hider in MC Addons and start a new journey. Everyone knows we can not become mobs and monsters in the vanilla version of the game. However, this addon will let you embody Creepers, Endermans, Witches, and other monsters.

Cre: MasterSRMemeZ, Youtube

Control Mobs in Mob Hider

  • For mobile: Long Press to morph into any mob
  • For Windows 10: Right-click
  • For Xbox or PS24: press the button that corresponds interaction

Don’t forget to Enable Experimental Gameplay

Mob Hider Addon




Zombified Piglin – Piglin Brute – Piglin

Iron golem

Wither skeleton

Armor Stand


Pillager – Evoker – Vindicator – Witch

Zombie Villager



Polar BearSnow Golem Stray

Zombie – Skeleton – Wandering trader – Villager



Spider – Cave Spider

mcpeaddons download

Get download link here

Horse – Zombie Horse – Skeleton Horse – Mule – Ravager – Donkey

Slime – Magma Cube

Hoglin – Zoglin


Panda – Mooshroom – Wolf – Goat – Sheep – Pig – Cow

Fox – Cat



Bee – Ocelot – Chicken – Bat – Parrot – Vex – Rabbit



Elder Guardian

Glow Squid – Squid

Guardian – Sea Turtle – Dolphin – Axolotl – Salmon – Pufferfish – Cod – Tropical Fish

Note from Creator:

If you are doing a review of this addon, you have to do the following:

  • Put credit in your video description
  • You are not allowed to make your own custom links to this addon
  • You are not allowed to make a direct download link


  • You will have better first person experience if your FOV is set to 64.40
  • Disable Endermans teleporting power, so you will not be going to other places that you want, it means you can be easier to tame

Mob Hider upcoming

  • Add: Ghast, Frog – Allay – Warden (Wait until 1.19)


– Updated:
+ Upcoming Mobs list 
+ Some download information
+ The BETA Experimental Gameplay image
– Bug Fixed
– Added: Tropical Fish
– Fixed the First Person sizes in some mobs


mcpeaddons download

Download Mob Hider V26
or here (gg drive)

You can get ZIP file here: Download .ZIP

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