Minecraft Lobby Consola (Nether Update) – Mcaddon

Minecraft Lobby Consola (Nether Update) – Mcaddon


this map is from the minecraft minigame lobby console with the appearance of the lower part the map was modified by SANKOR and DYMONIXX the changes that this map has with the original is that it is inspired by the lower version another change gave it some secrets that are outside the lobby. The new lobby was modified in the Warped Forest style with Piglin Bastion. The old hidden hallway below the new one was also modified to the Crimson Forest style with Basalt Deltas. Console lobby map stopped updating in Minecraft 1.14

Hi, I’m SANKOR and with my brother DYMONIXX

this map is made for people who miss seeing a console lobby update

Although this map is just a modification of the nether from the last lobby, I hope you like it. We also leave some secrets outside the lobby in case you want to spend the search for them.

the map takes 2 weeks to modify

the consoles that stayed in 1.14 are

Wii u, PS3, PSvita y Xbox 360

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