Minecraft Dungeons goes cross-platform!

Imagine you are going to a party with a friend. As soon as the door opens, you are asked: “What platform are you playing on?” You answer, a little embarrassed, that on Xboxwhile your friend is playing on NintendoSwitch… After that, you are torn to pieces, because you have to go with your friend to different parties. What to do?

In fact, this is a real dilemma for all users. Minecraftwho wants to play dungeons with friends from other platforms. Or, more correctly, it was a dilemma, because a free cross-platform dungeon update has been released, allowing you to play with your friends, no matter what platform or console they are playing on: NintendoSwitch, PlayStation, Xbox and Windows! Welcome to the party where no one sits in the corner watching others have fun!Dungeon cloud storage will be added in upcoming cross-platform updates Minecraft… This means that you can play on one platform, then use the cloud storage and switch to another platform. While there is no set launch date for this feature, the development team is still working hard to implement it. It will probably be released in the next free update, but for now you will have to wait a little longer, saving your files on each platform separately.

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