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Happy spooky season Your Minecraft world has been overrun by Pumpk-Ents. These Pumpk-Ents are extremely difficult to defeat despite being a rare occurrence. Can you defeat one of these formidable Halloween monsters?

Cre: moogaming227 (youtube)


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Pumpk-Ents, which will sporadically spawn in Minecraft’s forests, are added by this patch. The Pumpk-Ent currently comes in three variants: Oak, Birch, and Dark Oak. They have a heavy attack that deals 12 damage and have 250 health, so you shouldn’t try to kill them without iron armor. Any gamer, villager, or plunderer will face their wrath.


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Download Minecraft Bedrock Pumpk-Ent (Support Creator)

Download Minecraft Bedrock Pumpk-Ent

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