MEGA Skyblock map for Minecraft on Android

A teleportation block will be installed in the center of the island, which will allow you to teleport to the trade hub, do not break it, otherwise you will not be able to trade.

There will be 7 villagers in the hub, one of whom will buy resources from you and issue local currency for them, with which you can buy more than 60 different resources that will help you survive.

In addition to merchants, the hub also has a secret room in which a portal to the edge is installed, in order to complete the game you will need to find it.

On your island you will find a destroyed portal to the lower world, you will need to finish building it. On this map, the lower world will be unchanged, the author of this map did not specifically change it in order to preserve its atmosphere.

On this map, you can play both alone and with your friends. The author also worked on a sleep mode in a multiplayer game, which will allow any player to skip the night, even if there are other players online.

Installation instructions for the card!

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