Medieval Kingdom Map | Snowcoal’s Medieval Kingdom for Minecraft

Some cards are made in a day, while others take a week. But in the case of by cardMedieval Kingdom (SnowcoalsMedievalKingdom) the author spent more than 400 hours in Minecraft PE, building this work of art.

Top view of the map |  Medieval Kingdom Map

After seeing the map Snowcoal’s Medieval Kingdom, you are probably wondering what kind of castle it is in Minecraft Pocket Edition? Well, this is the highlight of the custom world, which sits in the center of the equally tasty territory of the map. He’s really gorgeous:

  • Many rooms, passages, stairs;
  • More than 200 rooms;
  • Furnishings in every room.

Initially, the map was supposed to be built for the PC version Minecraftbut in the end we see what we see. The world is great for survival – the size is 1500×1500 blocks!

Besides, in Minecraft PE you will see:

  • Custom structures;
  • Villages;
  • Custom vegetation;
  • Mines;
  • Caves;
  • More than 100 houses;
  • Catacombs, and much more!

There are several minor bugs – the redstone doors on the map do not want to work. Otherwise, everything is cool and completely playable!

You can download the Snowcoal’s Medieval Kingdom map here

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