Mech Upgrade 0.5 | Addon Minecraft PE

Are you bored with Minecraft? Try out the Mech Upgrade addon that adds some entertaining mechs to your trip. In this new update, you can test everything from a modest ocean explorer to a large pillager ride.

Cre: Jemil914 (Youtube)

Mech Upgrade addon

First and foremost, Dynamite Breaker is a mech. It is the most basic of all the mechs, but it has a characteristic that compensates for its lack of particular abilities.

Mech Upgrade

It can be healed with gunpowder, making it ideal for battle arenas.

Second, I have Coral Buster, which is designed for underwater diving and makes setting up a new aquifer in 1.18 much easier.

Mech Upgrade

It includes a new sort of gun known as the Pufferfish Cannon.

Finally, I have the Power Jumper, which has rabbit-like abilities. It is the most agile of all mechs and can jump very high.

Mech Upgrade

Unfortunately, when compared to other mechs, it has an extremely low health.


The gigantic Ravaging Machinery is the last but not least. An illager is in charge of it. You can try riding this fantastic mech if you manage to kill the pilot.

It also boasts the maximum health of any mech, as well as two seats.

  • Added new photo.
  • Player position fixes.
  • New easier link.
  • Various Bug fixes

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Mech Upgrade

Download Mech Upgrade 0.5 Addon

Download Mech Upgrade 0.5 Addon