Maud Faceless Steve | Creepypasta Faceless Steve for Minecraft

Creepypasta is a delicate matter, especially in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Creators mods sometimes they do not notice how their craft turns into the most incredible nonsense. I am glad that Faceless Steve (CreepypastaFacelessSteve) made very soundly.

Functions of the Creepypasta Faceless Steve mod

Chat messages |  Mod Faceless Steve

In theory, the Faceless Steve (Creepypasta Faceless Steve) can scare even the dead. What can we say about the player in Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

If you fall asleep, then the mob from the mod will help you in Minecraft cheer up. You can even count on questionable chat messages.

Chat spam |  Mod Faceless Steve

But you can’t hit him – he will disappear in a moment. The only places where you can take a break from it in Minecraft PE – The Nether and the Edge.

Mob Steve |  Mod Faceless Steve

To understand that Steve is fumbling around without a face is very simple: you will find shards and torches from redstone. And if you install this mod for multiplayer, then a randomly selected player will become its victim.

Skull |  Mod Faceless Steve

Redstone |  Maud Faceless Steve

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