Maud Early Cretaceous | Dinosaurs of Kem Kem for Minecraft

There are many mods, which are dedicated to prehistoric creatures in Minecraft for Android, Early Cretaceous (Dinosaurs of Kem Kem) one of them. And most importantly, each of them is suitable in its own way.

Features of Dinosaurs of Kem Kem mod

In total, the modification of the Early Cretaceous period (Dinosaurs of Kem Kem) adds about a dozen creatures to Minecraft PE… In subsequent updates, the author will add even more different creatures. This is who he adds mod:

Spinosaurus |  Maud Early Cretaceous

Spinosaurus Cub |  Maud Early Cretaceous


  • spawn near rivers and swamps;
  • tamed by fried cod, can be fed raw;
  • can be used as a mount;
  • lay eggs.

Carcharodontosaurus |  Maud Early Cretaceous


  • top of the food chain in Minecraft;
  • tamed by roast beef, can be fed raw;
  • you can ride.

Deltadromeus |  Maud Early Cretaceous


  • tame and feed like a spinosaurus;
  • used for driving;
  • moves very quickly.

Araripezuch |  Maud Early Cretaceous


  • lives by the water;
  • neutral to GG;
  • domestication and feeding – cod.

Kronosaurus Boyacensis |  Maud Early Cretaceous

Chronosaurus of Boyatensis:

  • aggressive in MKPE, but can be pacified by cod;
  • you cannot tame;
  • you can ride, but without any control.

Rogops |  Maud Early Cretaceous


  • harm other dinosaurs by eating their clutches;
  • you can’t ride, but you can tame it with fish.

Rebbachisaurus |  Maud Early Cretaceous


  • completely herbivorous dinosaurs;
  • tamed in MCPE with hay;
  • feed wheat.

Value ratio |  Maud Early Cretaceous

Have a good game!

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