Maud Cenozoic Revival | Cenozoic Reborn for Minecraft

When did animals live from fashion Cenozoic Reborn, even the distant ancestor of humans did not exist. But you are lucky enough to meet these interesting creatures in Minecraft BE.

Let’s take a look at all the mobs of the Cenozoic Reborn mod that will appear in MKPE.

Mammoths |  Maud Cenozoic Revival

The vastness of cold biomes will be inhabited by mammoths. They move in small groups. From them you can get skins, as well as meat that can be cooked. They have a large supply of health in the game, and also inflict considerable damage if provoked.

Woolly rhinoceros |  Maud Cenozoic Revival

And here is the woolly rhinoceros, the ancestor of the modern species, which became extinct about 10 thousand years ago. IN Minecraft for Android they can be tamed with wheat, the mob itself is neutral.

Rhino with a saddle |  Maud Cenozoic Revival

Alternatively, you can put a saddle on it and break blocks.

Giant deer |  Maud Cenozoic Revival

You will be lucky enough to hunt Megaloceros, an extinct giant deer. You can’t tame, but getting skins and meat is always welcome.

Saber-toothed cats |  Maud Cenozoic Revival

Where is without saber-toothed cats, or Smilodonov? This dangerous predator attacks all creatures. IN Minecraft Bedrock occurs in two versions textures.

Dagger Crafting |  Maud Cenozoic Revival

You can get a tooth from it, from which you can craft a dagger.

Titanis |  Maud Cenozoic Revival

At that time, birds of prey and flightless birds such as the Titanis felt great. You will see them in warm biomes in two variations.

Predatory whale |  Maud Cenozoic Revival

The ancestors of modern whales, the Basilosaurus, reigned supreme in the water. IN modifications they are neutral. But in real life, such a whale would definitely gobble up a swimmer, since they were predatory animals. Here they only hunt fish. They have a large supply of health.

Dodo |  Maud Cenozoic Revival

The ancestors of modern chickens are Dodo. In Minecraft Bedrock, they are also tamed by seeds, and have exactly the same drop as chickens.

What’s new in fashion Cenozoic Reborn

  • there were several new recipes for creating items;
  • cavemen got updated behavior;
  • bugs and bugs were fixed for animals;
  • Woolly Rhinoceroses have increased health.

Have a good game!

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