Maud Azriel Drimurr | Asriel Dreemurr for Minecraft

According to the mythology of the original game, the boss from fashion Azriel Dreemurr (Asriel Dreemurr) is the prince of all monsters. In Minecraft on the phone, you have to sweat seriously before you beat him in an honest kumite. As in Undertail – only the players know.

Functions of the Asriel Dreemurr mod

Asriel Dreemurr’s boss fight will be split in MKPE for several phases. As usual, in the first phase it is much weaker. However, this does not mean at all that you can run ahead to him in order to give in the scoreboard.

Phase one will begin with a regular fight.

Fire magic |  Maud Azriel Drimurr

Next, the boss will start spamming Minecraft PE magic of fire. Be careful – knowing in advance where the blow is coming from is quite problematic. Then lightning comes into play. They do not cause serious damage, but it is still better not to get caught.

Chaos Stars |  Maud Azriel Drimurr

Chaotic Stars are one of Asriel’s most serious attacks. If you get hit by one, be sure that the rest will hit the hero.

Zoglins Call |  Maud Azriel Drimurr

After this mess, Drimurr takes out his heroic saber, which he wields both in melee and in ranged combat.

Blaster |  Maud Azriel Drimurr

If you are not finished off by the entire previous “assortment”, then the blaster will do its job. It is worth keeping your distance – it is better to use the bow in MCBE.

Skull |  Maud Azriel Drimurr

Well, and at the end of the first phase – a giant skull. Damage, by the way, is very notable.

Enhanced Magic |  Maud Azriel Drimurr

The second phase begins with fire magic, although the boss buffs it every 20 seconds.

Strong attack |  Maud Azriel Drimurr

The last stage will start when the boss uses the chaos laser – the final attack. Getting under it guarantees the carrying out of the hero on a stretcher.

To mod worked correctly and without bugs, we recommend that you turn on the experimental game mode. Good luck!

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