Map Room Escape 2

Developers Escape Room 2 cards tried to make sure that the classic escape game did not get bored after the first level. Let’s see how they did it?

How to play the Escape Room 2 map

Puddle in the blue room |  Map Room Escape 2

Your character will be trapped in a small room in Minecraft for Android… The room is filled with water and sand, and it seems as if there is no way out. But, no matter how beautifully Vasiliev sang, there is still a way out, and we will find it!

The room to escape from |  Map Room Escape 2

The only condition for map Escape Room 2 – None mods, cheats or other tricks in Minecraft BEdrock… Only patience, logic and attentiveness! Straighten up and you can definitely escape from Minecraft… Good luck!

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