Map of 13 levels of the maze for Minecraft on Android

In total, there are 13 levels on this map, each of which will have its own unique difficulties and obstacles. In addition to difficult mazes from 9 to 12 levels, in addition to the difficulties that the maze itself creates, you will be attacked by mobs.
Labyrinth of Leaves Level 1 – 5

Book maze 6 – 7 level

Golden Labyrinth Level 8

Heavenly diamond maze level 9 – 10
At level 9, hostile zombies await you, and at level 10, creepers await you, who will not miss the chance to kill you.

Bedrock Labyrinth Level 11
Here you will find 3 types of hostile creatures, namely skeletons, zombies and of course zombies.

Void Labyrinth Level 12
This level will be quite different from others, because it will no longer consist of only one type of blocks and, in addition to its intricacy, you will find lava blocks, as well as Piglins and Hoglins.

Poisonous water maze level 13
This labyrinth is the most difficult and unusual, because it consists entirely of blocks of water, and you will also have a poisoning effect from 2 to 5. If you stay in the water for too long, you will die from poisoning.

Installation instructions for the card!

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