Map Layered Skyblock 2 | Layerblock 2 for Minecraft

Map entitled Layerblock 2 will definitely appeal to all fans of Skyblocks in Minecraft for Android. If only because there are no problems on it (including with shops).

Starting location |  Layered Skyblock 2 Cards

Unlike classic kart, in Layerblock 2 there is no need to build any islands in Minecraft Bedrock – they are right below you. You just have to dig down to get to any biome of interest in Minecraft, and there really are plenty of them.

Watermelons on the island |  Layered Skyblock 2 Cards

Mushroom Biome |  Layered Skyblock 2 Cards

Plains Biome |  Layered Skyblock 2 Cards

Otherwise, this is a very familiar Skyblock – a “starting” island with a small amount of loot, and all that stuff in MCBE… The archive also contains the first part of the map, be sure to play it – in vain did the authors try? Good, very good. Have a good game!

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