Map Installing Blocks | dc.cubes for Minecraft

The construction of bridges in Minecraft for Android is a simple matter. But if you learn to build them quickly, it will save your character’s life in PvP, or during a difficult battle. As, for example, on map Install blocks (dc.cubes)where a dragon is present as a “decoration”.

Features of the dc.cubes map

Soaring dragon |  Map Block installation

This small mini-game on the map Block installation (dc.cubes), in fact, is a universal simulator for quickly placing blocks in Minecraft PE… She will not only teach you how to bet them with amazing speed.

Dragon decoration |  Map Block installation

You can also do it much more accurately thanks to the functionality cards… The game starts on a large birch platform. All that is required of you in MCBE – press the plate on the floor. The map is adapted for the game only on version 1.16.201. Enjoy your beginnings!

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