Magical BroomStick Addon! [V3.0 Update] – MCPE AddOns

Magical BroomStick Addon! [V3.0 Update] – MCPE AddOns

What methods do you employ to travel the wide world, may I ask? Wellcome to Magical BroomStick Addon.




Or, walk?

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Honestly, anything is fine (:3_ヽ)_

But to all of you, I have good news for you!

Would you like to straddle a broom and run through the vast sky?

 From now on, I’ll cast a little magic on you…

Hi everyone, long time no see.

I’ve been away from this add

on production for a while m(*_ _)m

To be honest, I never thought about creating an updated version of this addon…

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But one day, I heard a voice from a particular YouTuber in my DM, and I was inspired to finish it because I felt like “I had to update this!”

I am grateful to him!

…let’s get down to business( ゚д゚)

Cre: クラプチ (Twitter)

Magical BroomStick Addon


You are able to add some brooms, objects, etc. by installing this extension.

Although it is an upgraded version of var2.5 that was previously created, it was virtually entirely from scratch!

Magical BroomStick Addon

Some Minecraft addons PE you can check in


A custom workbench needed to craft a broom. Original UI !!

Magical BroomStick Addon
Magical BroomStick Addon

This block is required to create one part of the items added by this addon. A magic circle that shines at night!

↓ How to make ↓

Magical BroomStick Addon

Any board is fine!

You can pick up the broom even if you have zero health, but you can quickly pick it up by holding the ax facing the broom, crouching and right-clicking or holding down.

This addon adds three types of armor: head, clothes, and legs.

It’s been around since before var.2.5, but it’s back with new performance and appearance!

Magical BroomStick Addon

Brumel Flor

Magical BroomStick Addon

It features a large hat. “It’s green and glowimg strangely…

Armor value is 4.

↓ How to make ↓

Magical BroomStick Addon

Brumel Tronco

Magical BroomStick Addon

Boots,not shoes.

…boots. It also has a glowing green color.

Armor value is 3.

↓How to make ↓

Magical BroomStick Addon


Magical BroomStick Addon
Magical BroomStick Addon
Magical BroomStick Addon
Magical BroomStick Addon
Magical BroomStick Addon
Magical BroomStick Addon
Magical BroomStick Addon

It’s a broom grip.

These recipes are posted in the broom recipes

Broomstick Tip

Magical BroomStick Addon

It is a part attached to the opposite side of the  grip.

This is also essential when making a broom.

↓ How to make ↓

Magical BroomStick Addon

Magirno Butterfly Scale

Magical BroomStick Addon

An essential item for creating remakes of brooms and creating other items.

At the current stage, it has a low chance of dropping when you trade with Ada or defeat a witch.

Of course, new entities will appear in this world as well.

I would like to introduce them here.


Magical BroomStick Addon


I used an unfinished Ada image…)

He is quite friendly and will appear in front of you from time to time.

He is an adventurer and peddler who explores each world.

Magical BroomStick Addon

He is the only one who will trade the Magirno Butterfly Scale.

If you find him, actively trade with him.

[======Detailed Features======]

Aside from the ability to craft items, the magic altar also helps remake existing broom designs.

As a method,

  1. Hold the broom toward the book on the altar and right-click or press and hold.
Magical BroomStick Addon

When you see the book, right-click it or move the Magirno Butterfly Scale toward it while holding down the mouse button. A broom will then be placed on the altar.

Magical BroomStick Addon

3. Reuse the same type of broom when you’re ready to finish. (For instance, when modifying the pattern of the oak broom, hold it one more and right-click or press and hold to finish it.)

Magical BroomStick Addon

4. The worn broom will vanish, but you’ll get a brand-new model in its place! This can be modified as frequently as you’d like!

And although though it’s simply in third person, it’s 3D when you hold an altar or a broom in your hands.

He appears to be holding something substantial… Support him, please!

Magical BroomStick Addon
Magical BroomStick Addon

At night, the lamp lights up and the area becomes a little brighter! !

Should it be a little brighter…?

Magical BroomStick Addon

[======At the end======]

This time as well, it supports three languages: Japanese, English, and Chinese!

However, since I use Google Translate for languages ​​other than Japanese, the grammar may be strange, so in that case… I’m sorry m(*_ _)m

I’m pretty tired of writing articles after a long time (^^;;)

Perhaps because I’m doing it on my smartphone, the more I write, the slower it loads, and it took quite a while…

This addon was not made by one person, but this time I was able to complete it with the cooperation of various people!

Twitter of those who cooperated ↓



Thank you m(*_ _)m

…oops, i forgot something important.

When playing with this addon, please turn on the following items. Otherwise this addon will not work properly! !

Magical BroomStick Addon

And this addon will also be updated when I have time!

Please enjoy!

Please refrain from secondary distribution and unauthorized reproduction of this add-on.

This add-on can be used for videos, etc.

When posting the URL, please move to this MCpedl!

Enjoy! !

Have a nice flight! !

・I greatly rewrote the content of the article.

・Removed screen edge UI.


1. Press “Download“.

2. You will be redirected to the MediaFire site and start downloading there.

3, it’s done~

mcpeaddons download

Create guns, furniture, animations in ONE toolbox. Try now:

Magical BroomStick Addon

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