Mae Jeep Grand Cherokee Grand Cherokee for Minecraft

Author Jeep Grand Cherokee fashion (Grand Cherokee) invites you to travel in Minecraft Bedrock Edishn not on foot, but by car. And on what!

Features of the Grand Cherokee mod

Craft body  Maude Jeep Grand Cherokee

Blue Jeep  Maude Jeep Grand Cherokee

Main feature fashion Jeep Grand Cherokee is Minecraft the fact that it can be crafted in survival mode. You have to create:

  • Keys
  • Fuel
  • Body
  • Turn signals.

Blue SUV |  Mod Jeep Grand Cherokee

Car showroom  Maude Jeep Grand Cherokee

The author of the mod did a great job on Cherokee in Minecraft Bedrock:

  • Allows you to drive on one unit of fuel for about 2000 seconds
  • There are as many as 4 seats for passengers
  • There are 7 body color options to choose from
  • There are custom animations of wheels, steering wheel, as well as instruments on the dashboard
  • Can be included in MKPE headlights.

Red color |  Mod Jeep Grand Cherokee

Do not forget about enabling experimental features for cards in settings MCPE… Have a good game!

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