Lucky Race Card | LuckyBlockRace for Minecraft

In this cool mini-game map LuckyBlockRace you have to cover a short distance in the race and break the lucky blocks along the way. By the way, about “happiness” is a moot point.

All LuckyBlockRace players start at Minecraft for Android from one place for everyone – a cozy lobby where you can make all the necessary settings.

Map settings |  Lucky Race Card

Map presets |  Lucky Race Card

Then, when all the players are ready, the race begins in a row.

Countdown |  Lucky Race Card

Start of the race |  Lucky Race Card

Well, then it’s a matter of technology – run, break into MKPE random blocks and try to outrun your friends. Blocks can be anything from spawning a hostile mob or obstacle to elytra, which will help you cover the distance much faster.

Drop from block  Map of Lucky Race

Spavn moba |  Map of Lucky Race

By the way, blocks do not have to be destroyed in MCBEto win this map… Here’s an idea for you: when you play with friends, impose penalties for each unbroken block. Have a good game!

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