Llama’s Forges Addon | Minecraft PE Bedrock Addons

After installing Llama’s Forges mod, you can try out a completely new crafting system for Minecraft PE. The mod adds cool tools and ways to melt metals, as well as armor for Minecraft on Android.

The first step is to create a foundry. Fill it with lava in Minecraft for your phone, and then interact with the ore in your hands to melt the block. The finished ore can be taken out with a bucket.

The author added special forms and templates for working with different ores. All the recipes you will find in the book, which will add a mod Llama’s Forges. You can also learn more about how everything works in the game in the video on this page.

There are no third-party textures here, so everything works fine in Minecraft BE, but only on version 1.16.200. Good luck!



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