Left hand slot textures | Offhand Slots for Minecraft

What you really can’t argue with is that the interface in the Java edition is much better than in Minecraft BE… Via Texture Slot of the left hand (Offhand Slots) you will be able to display the inventory slot on the left hand of the YG.

Shield in the left hand |  Left Hand Slot Textures

Totem of Immortality |  Left Hand Slot Textures

After installing the textures of the Offhand Slots, an item display will appear on the left side of the hotbar. Minecraft Bedrock Editionthat is being held. Distinctive feature texture-pack is that it works with all subjects MCPEthat are used, whether it is the totem of immortality, or the shell of the Nautilus.

Clam shell |  Left Hand Slot Textures

Have a good game!

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