Jungle Expansion Mod | Jungle Expansion for Minecraft

Simple and cool mod entitled Jungle Expansion will improve this very biome in Minecraft for Android. The author has implemented many new blocks, structures, as well as mobs and items.

What the Jungle Expansion mod gives

All items |  Jungle Expansion Mod

Start with the fact that modification changes biome generation in Minecraft Bedrock… This is how it will look now.

Updated biome |  Jungle Expansion Mod

The Jungle Expansion includes new monsters and mobs:

Jungle zombie

Jungle Zombie |  Jungle Expansion Mod

Moss skeleton

Skeleton with moss |  Jungle Expansion Mod


Whisper |  Jungle Expansion Mod

Deciduous giant

Deciduous giant |  Jungle Expansion Mod

Poison vine

Vine with poison |  Jungle Expansion Mod

Woody abomination

Woody abomination |  Jungle Expansion Mod

also in Minecraft PE several new items will appear:

Vineyard vine

Grapevine |  Jungle Expansion Mod

Ocelot Skin Armor

Ocelot Armor |  Jungle Expansion Mod

In addition, rubies are present – so far the author has not given them a use. Exploring MCBE, you will see new structures:

Abandoned building

Abandoned building |  Jungle Expansion Mod

Ancient temple

Ancient Temple |  Jungle Expansion Mod

Weathered bones

Weathered Bones |  Jungle Expansion Mod

That’s all the modification blocks

Weathered Bones |  Jungle Expansion Mod

Be sure to enable experimental settings for this mod. Have a good game!

Установка Jungle Expansion (.mcaddon)

  • Download mod with notice – “.mcaddon“Below.
  • Run the downloaded file, thereby you import the addon / texture into Minecraft.
  • Open up Minecraft Pocket Edition and go to world settings.
  • Set for the world imported:
    Resource kits.
    Add-on kits.
  • Select the imported resource packs / addon in each section.
  • We recommend restarting the game client after that. Minecraft PE.
  • Run Minecraft Pocket Edition, go to the previously configured world Minecraft and enjoy the addon!

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