Juan Plants Mod | Juan’s Plants for Minecraft

Distinctive feature fashion Juan’s Plants is the process of growing seedlings in Minecraft Bedrock Edishn. It’s not just for you to pick up a tool and make beds by the water. Crafting is much more interesting.

Functions of the Juan’s Plants mod

Block crafting |  Juan Plants Mod

First you need to do in Minecraft a block of fertile soil. Saplings on it will not be trampled by jumping, both the player and the mobs. You can craft it using a block of ordinary earth and adding bone meal.

Pillar Crafting |  Juan Plants Mod

The second equally important component of the Juan’s Plants mod is wooden stakes.

Crafting rope |  Juan Plants Mod

Depending on the plants, you may also need ropes, for example for a vineyard. To create it, stock up on threads. We open the spider hunt in MCPE?

Tomato bush |  Juan Plants Mod

Tomato bush. It grows several blocks in height, when destroyed (of course), tomatoes can be harvested from it.

Pepper bush |  Juan Plants Mod

Chili bush.

Experience Bush |  Juan Plants Mod

A bush for gaining experience. Use a new enchant item – Lapis Dust to speed up growth. You will need an empty vial for extraction.

Berry bush |  Juan Plants Mod

Wild berry. Will spawn all over Minecraft PE… We are waiting for the update – it has no application yet.

Vineyard |  Juan Plants Mod

The grapes in this fashion is the most interesting plant. To grow it, you need to create the exact same structure in the game. If you install any other, it will not grow. Have a good game!

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