JL Shaders | JL Shader for Minecraft

Whatever one may say, but there will always be powerful computers and phones with outdated operating systems. It is important that nothing interferes with playing Minecraft Bedrock Edishn. It was for such a case that the author came up with JL Shaders (JL Shader).

Clear morning |  JL shaders

We note right away that JL (JL Shader) should not be installed on Windows 10 – they do not work there, they were tested on many versions Minecraft BE… But on version 1.16.201 these shaders will go to MCPE for a sweet soul – look what a beauty!

Haze |  JL shaders

Moon in the sky |  JL shaders

Sunset of the sun |  JL shaders

Here’s what you can see after you install in Minecraft these resources:

  • Beautiful clouds;
  • Mists on maps;
  • Dynamic lighting from torches;
  • Smoothness of shadows;
  • Sun glare on water blocks;
  • Rustle of leaves and waves;
  • Gradient sky;
  • More realistic moon and sun.

Night Minecraft |  JL shaders

Sunset |  JL shaders

Be sure to set the brightness in Maine to full!

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