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Edge is one of the least visited dimensions Minecraft… This is because it is very difficult to get there. You need to collect a lot of Ender Pearls and Fire Powder in order to find fortresses with portals, not to mention the fact that they also need to be activated. But as soon as you still get all the materials, teleport to the Land and defeat the dragon, which, in truth, does not like guests extremely, you can start looking for the most important item – the fruit of the corus!

Corus fruits have been added to Minecraft in the combat update in February 2016. In addition to overhauling the battle system, this update has strengthened the End by revamping the battle against the Ender dragon, as well as adding many islands, purple blocks, shulkers and elytra.

If you consider the search for the fruit after the battle with the Ender Dragon, then it is not so difficult. Going to the islands, you will find many trees that produce quite a lot of fruits at one time.

After you have passed all the tests and collected fruits, you can process them into several things at once. First you need to eat a little. One corus fruit restores 4 units of hunger, but when eaten there is a chance of teleportation to a random nearest place. Not surprising, given that it is the favorite food of the Endermen. Having regained your strength, you can burn the remaining fruits by placing them in the oven. This will create cooked corus fruits that cannot be eaten, but can be used to create magenta blocks and end rods.

In the original, the fruits of the corus are called “Chorusfruit“, Which translates as” choral fruit “. But what does the word “chorus” have to do with it? The original idea was that the corus fruit will make a soft sound when it grows. And if the player is among the trees with fruits, he hears something like a choir singing. Unfortunately, this idea was never implemented, but the name was not changed.

In the real world, the fruits of the corus do not exist, but there is something very similar – pitahaya (or pitaya). It has a reddish-purple skin and peculiar thorns. And pitahaya grows on large cactus plants.

But the closest connection is between the corus fruit (which grows in Minecraft Bedrock in the domain of the Dragon of the Ender) and the pitahaya (which is native to South America) is that the latter is widely known as the “dragon fruit”.

The dragon fruit tastes a bit like raspberries, and the texture is kiwi-like thanks to its black, crunchy seeds. Pitaya is not a specific variety, but a generalized name for all fruits of a given species. There are both sweet and sour varieties. On average, the weight of one fruit is no more than half a kilogram, and it is valuable because it contains a large amount of vitamin C, calcium, potassium and fiber.

Pitaya fruits grow on some varieties of cactus that bloom three to six times a year. These flowers are nocturnal, and moths and bats fertilize them instead of daytime insects. In fact, it is difficult to find more suitable plants for the Edge in Minecraftwhere constant twilight reigns.

If you go to the Islands of the End, be sure to collect stocks of crocus fruits. Otherwise, your character will face a long, painful death from hunger, because there are no other food items there.

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