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Quite a long time has passed since we covered the topic of flora. Minecraft under this heading. And since we are already getting closer to the middle of winter, it would be nice to choose an item that reminds us of spring and summer – a rosebush!

Roses were among the first flowers in Minecraftadded them in June 2009 along with cloth, mushrooms and dandelions. In the October 2013 update, which turned the game world upside down, roses were renamed “poppies,” and a new item was added in their place – a rosebush, which remains in the game to this day.

Rose bushes are not so easy to get. They reproduce naturally in only a few types of forests. While most flowers can be bought from itinerant traders, they never have rose bushes. Why? Maybe they love pink flowers so much that they don’t want to pick them? Are the merchants allergic to them? Or do roses do not tolerate long journeys? Be that as it may, it will forever remain a secret.

But we know that rose bushes can be processed into red paint, which is very useful if you want to paint any objects in the appropriate color. As a writer, I really appreciate this property and therefore always keep a lot of rose bushes around my house. In addition, bees really like to collect nectar from them, so they also always fly around me.

That’s it, I have listed all the useful properties of flowers, they are not used anywhere else. You cannot put them in flower pots because they are too big, you cannot even make a fishy stew out of them. But despite their thorns, the rose bushes do no damage when you walk through them, which is actually very useful sometimes.

In the so-called “real world”, roses are a whole family of different plants. There are more than 300 different species and tens of thousands of varieties – varieties of plants bred according to certain characteristics – color, aroma, shape or arrangement of petals.

Real roses are mainly used for decorative purposes, in principle, as in Minecraft Bedrock… They are sometimes also used in commercial perfumery, hedging and slope stabilization. Rosehips are also used to make syrup, jam or soup. But for the most part, roses are for beauty.

But even such a small range of applications did not prevent roses from becoming a symbol in many cultures. In ancient Greece, Rose was associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love. In the Christianized Roman Empire, they were associated with the Virgin Mary, which led to the creation of the Holy Rosary prayer. And the multi-colored roses symbolized the houses of Yorks and Lancaster in the 15th century Rose Wars. Today, the rose is the official national flower of the United States.

What flower Minecraft Would you make the national flower of your gaming city?

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