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Do you name your instruments in Minecraft? For example, I have a shovel named Doug, Michael’s pickaxe, Nanessie’s ax, and Courvoisier Choppaton’s sword. III.

In October 2012, in a rather scary update, anvils were added to the game, along with witches, carrots, flower pots, pumpkin pie and carrots on a stick. Initially, anvils required six iron blocks and one iron ingot to make. It was too expensive, so over time, the crafting recipe was simplified, and today it includes three iron blocks and four ingots.

There are five basic things you can do with anvils. First, use them to rename items. The more times you redo an item, the more expensive it becomes. Therefore, it is best to rename items at the same time as repairing or enchanting.

The second is the repair of items. This is done using the basic materials from which the tool is made, such as an iron ingot and an iron pickaxe. Each such item will restore 25% durability.

The third is the union of two elements. To do this, you need to use only the same items (that is, you cannot combine a wooden pickaxe with an iron one). When two items are combined, their durability and enchantment are added together. Pro tip: Repairing tools by combining is often cheaper than using base materials. For example, it takes four diamonds to repair a diamond shovel, but you can get the same effect by combining a broken shovel with a new diamond one that is made from two diamonds.

The fourth is enchanting tools with enchanting books. This takes much less health than combining two enchanted tools together. Although when working with high-level enchantments, it will not cost so cheap.

And finally, the best thing is in Minecraft Bedrock You can throw anvils at people and at things. Anvils fall when there is no block below them, damaging everything below them (up to 20 hearts). They will also crush any objects, so watch carefully what and where you leave. If you want to protect yourself from falling anvils, use a helmet, it reduces damage by 25%.

Another detail worth noting is that every time an anvil is used, it has a 12% chance of being damaged. After three such damages, it will be completely broken. On average, an anvil can be used 25 times, but it really depends on how lucky you are. Unfortunately, anvils are not repairable, and how would you fix them?

In the real world, anvils are older than humans. Many animals use hard surfaces as anvils to crack nuts and shells.

The first anvils were made of stone by man, but with the development of metalworking, bronze versions were created, and later even wrought iron versions with a steel coating. Today, anvil is mostly made from solid steel.

Throughout the entire existence of anvils, their shape was constantly changing, starting from a simple solid lump and going through all kinds of transformations for various needs. The most common today is the “London pattern”, which has a hole for tools at one end, a flat face with a rounded edge on top, a step and a horn for making curved parts.

There used to be such an interesting activity as shooting at anvils. In British Columbia, on Victoria Day in 1860, the 21 anvil fireworks replaced the traditional 21 cannon fireworks. There was also a tradition of burning anvils on the Day of St. Clement, the patron saint of blacksmiths and metalworkers.

IN Minecraft Anvils are not yet available, so I suggest using fireworks as an alternative. Much more fun and safer than dozens of anvils falling from the sky.

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