Horror Monsters Mod | CreepyPasta for Minecraft

Horror Monsters (CreepyPasta) represent modwhich adds a large number of creepypasta characters to Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Now night walks will be a little more terrifying

Functions of the CreepyPasta mod

Creepypasta |  Horror Monsters Mod

The Horror Monsters Mod (CreepyPasta) will add as many as 25 new mobs to Minecraft! You will come across both popular “specimens” like Lilac Head and lesser known ones like Photo-negative Mickey Mouse. By the way, the cartoon cat in Minecraft Pocket Edition is also present.

Smiling cat |  Horror Monsters Mod

Lilac-headed |  Horror Monsters Mod

Slenderman |  Horror Monsters Mod

In addition, the author has implemented several new types of food that will help your hero in MCBE to satisfy hunger, well, or to heal after meeting with a monster. Also in the latest version fashion the author introduced several new creatures, added items, and also fixed bugs in monster models. Have a good game!

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