Honey Parkour Map | Honey Parkour for Minecraft

Guess what blocks will be in the “main role” on map Honey Parkour? Right. In Minecraft on Android you have to overcome difficult routes, really difficult ones.

Features of the card Honey Parkour

Pond and honey |  Honey Parkour Map

Honey wall |  Honey Parkour Map

Block Jumping |  Honey Parkour Map

The authors of the map Honey Parkour offer you in Minecraft Bedrock Edition as many as twenty levels! You can go through them both alone and with your friends – multiplayer is available on the map. And, most importantly, where is it without bees in Minecraft BE? For example, on one of the levels you will find a huge hive.

Block Jumping |  Honey Parkour Map

Standing on blocks |  Honey Parkour Map

Giant Beehive |  Honey Parkour Map

Naturally, many bees live in this hive. And they are not very happy with intruders. Also authors cards foreseen in Minecraft Bedrock some skinsthat you can use with your friends when completing the mini-game.

Card with blocks of honey |  Honey Parkour Map

Honey walls |  Honey Parkour Map

Inside the hive |  Honey Parkour Map

“… Everywhere honey, honey, honey … is it difficult for them, perhaps, to brew beer from time to time? … Stupid bees with their stupid honey …” – A nameless robber from Skyrim.

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