Hippocampus Plus mod for Minecraft

Hippocampus are a mythical creature that is a mixture of a sea horse with a fish tail… The creature was considered the king of fish, but was used as a means of transportation by the Nereids. Mod Hippocampus Plus adds such animals to Minecraft… Therefore, the blocky world not only gives us a cool time in the blocky world, but also to learn something new.

Hippocampus meat

Hippocampus meat
Cooked hippocampus meat

You can cook meat in the oven, on a fire or in a smokehouse.

Hippocampal skin
Allows you to craft armor, shields and blocks. So far, only the blue version works, from which you can create a shield.

  • Blue hippocampus skin
Blue hippocampus skin
  • Hippocampus marine skin

Hippocampus marine skin
  • Black hippocampus skin

Black hippocampus skin
  • Green hippocampus skin

Green hippocampus skin
  • Heavenly Hippocampus Skin

Heavenly Hippocampus Skin
  • Brown hippocampus skin

Brown hippocampus skin
  • Pink hippocampus skin

Pink hippocampus skin
  • Purple hippocampus skin

Purple hippocampus skin
  • Red hippocampus skin

Red hippocampus skin
  • Yellow skin of the hippocampus

Yellow skin of the hippocampus

Hippocampus shield

  • Works like a regular shield
Hippocampus shield

Hippocampus shield craft

Seat of the hippocampus

  • To ride a mob, you need to equip it with a saddle
Seat of the hippocampus


  • Available in female and male version
  • Spawn: Oceans
  • Taming: Prismarine Crystals
  • You can ride a horse
  • Can be bred using prismarine crystals: in this case, the presence of a female and a male of the same color is required
  • Each species drops 3 skins every 3 minutes

Blue hippocampus

Male blue hippocampus

Female blue hippocampus

Marine hippocampus

Male marine hippocampus

Female marine hippocampus

Black hippocampus

Male black hippocampus

Black hippocampus female

Green hippocampus

Male green hippocampus

Female green hippocampus

Celestial hippocampus

Male celestial hippocampus

Female celestial hippocampus

Brown hippocampus

Male brown hippocampus

Female brown hippocampus

Pink hippocampus

Male pink hippocampus

Female pink hippocampus

Purple hippocampus

Male purple hippocampus

Female purple hippocampus

Red hippocampus

Male red hippocampus

Female red hippocampus

Yellow hippocampus

Male yellow hippocampus

Female yellow hippocampus

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