High Security Prison Map | The Ultimate Maximum Security Prison for Minecraft

Map entitled High security prison (TheUltimateMaximumSecurityPrison), this is one of the harshest correctional objects in Minecraft PE, probably. It is from her that you have to escape.

How To Play The Ultimate Maximum Security Prison Map

Prison from above |  High Security Prison Map

The size of the prison can be said to be rather immodest in Minecraft – 100×100 blocks. The whole territory cards The Ultimate Maximum Security Prison is divided into two dozen cells. All cameras are locked, and several of them have combination locks – you can’t just pick them up.

Inside Cameras |  High Security Prison Map

Despite the fact that the means of protection are quite archaic (all kinds of lava, ancient guards and all kinds of traps), they work in MKPE properly.

Lava floor |  High Security Prison Map

Here’s what’s interesting about Minecraft Pocket Edition:

  • thick, indestructible walls;
  • iron bars that cannot be broken like this;
  • floors that can fade;
  • various ditches and platforms.

Camera cards |  High Security Prison Map

Have a good game!

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