Biomes, blocks, items, creatures, and other additional elements will be added to the overworld dimension. With more things to explore and find, HIDWOODS 2 provides a more challenging survival experience 

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Biomes, blocks, items, entities, and other new features in Hidwoods 2 replace the overworld dimension.

With more things to explore and find, this expansion provides a more challenging survival experience.


  • The overworld is unique, with new biomes and things to discover.
  • Custom blocks, objects, entities, and armors are all available.
  • Villagers have a unique trading system and economy.
  • Robot that can be customized and has unique abilities
  • Achievements and instructions for the game

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Other Information


  • This update focus on stability, visuals, and gameplay balancing.
  • Phy’s xray ability can now detect diamond ores
  • New block: Algaes, appear and grow on rivers
  • The water is now more green
  • New sections added to the in-game guide
  • Derosa biomes features got small updates
  • Ned Doko energy and Phy energy balancing
  • Fixed small bugs


  • Enable all Experimental Gameplay Features
  • Play in Minecraft 1.18. Some features may not work with 1.17

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