Heavy Survival Map

Map is a ready-made assembly in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. In order not to be defeated, you will need to take shelter from the heat, look for sources of food and water, and also constantly monitor the quality of your equipment.

How to play the Stranded Modpack map

Card logo |  Heavy Survival Map

StrandedModpack it’s already finished map with suitable modami… As in any world Minecraft Pocket Edition, the main goal is to defeat the Ender Dragon. Here are the mods used in Minecraft:

  • Custom enchantments – adds several new enchantments for weapons;
  • Item Exchange – implements the production of coins;
  • Weapon Cases – в MKPE a unique weapon will appear;
  • Advanced Machinery – 15 mechanisms;
  • Ore Trees – rare ore trees;
  • Ritual Magic – spells for magic lovers;
  • Baubles Addon | Potion Rings;
  • Loot Bags – bags of loot;
  • Realism – realistic survival in MCPE;
  • Lucky Blocks – no introduction needed;
  • Heart Containers – the ability to increase the hero’s HP.

Have a good game!

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