Hand texture with object | Hand Equiped for Minecraft

Package textures Hand with an object (Hand Equiped) made pretty realistic in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Now, when using the item, you will see the changed animation. Works with multiple subjects!

Features of Hand Equiped textures

Using the sword |  Texture Hand with object

Using an ax |  Texture Hand with object

Texture pack Hand Equiped affects animations with the following items in Minecraft Pocket Edition:

  • picks;
  • sword;
  • motygi;
  • ax;
  • shovels.

Using a hoe |  Texture Hand with object

Using a pickaxe |  Texture Hand with object

Using a shovel |  Texture Hand with object

In future updates, the author intends to touch on the use of other items in Minecraft Bedrock Edition… Have a good game!

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