Halloween Witch Mod | Wizardry for Minecraft

FROM mod for Halloween Witch (Wizardry) you will get a lot of magic items for your hero in Minecraft Pocket Edition that you can use against monsters.

IN fashion Halloween Witches (Wizardry) you can use various magical attributes such as brooms, pumpkins, magic books and all sorts of abilities. Let’s start with probably the most popular subject (outside) Minecraftassociated with witches – brooms.

Broom |  Halloween Witch Mod

Broom Crafting |  Halloween Witch Mod

First, create yourself a broom.

Book of the Damned |  Halloween Witch Mod

Then craft the book of the damned, and then tame the broom with the book.

The mod will also add other items.

Levitation Book |  Halloween Witch Mod

Levitation book.

  • Raises enemies in a small radius from the player.

Ice Book |  Halloween Witch Mod

Ice blast.

  • Strikes enemies with icy thorns.

Book of Poison |  Halloween Witch Mod

Poisonous book.

  • Poisons everyone in a small radius.

Mirror Book |  Halloween Witch Mod


  • Allows you to enter the mirror world and move around safely.

Bombs |  Halloween Witch Mod

Pumpkin bombs.

  • Deals explosion damage.
  • Cannot be crafted in Minecraft BE, witches can drop.

Wicked Witch |  Halloween Witch Mod

Angry witches.

  • They spawn like ordinary monsters, and even during the day.
  • They can fly on brooms.
  • Use pumpkin bombs.

Update 2.0

Several spellbooks have been added.

Book of Fire |  Halloween Witch Mod

Crafting books of fire |  Halloween Witch Mod

Book of Fire:

  • randomly creates a flame around the character;
  • when you press sneak, the hero stops burning;
  • Use Flint and Fire Powder to create a book.

Instead, when used, the hunger scale will be consumed.

Lava Book |  Halloween Witch Mod

Crafting lava books |  Halloween Witch Mod

Lava flow:

  • when sneaking up, a character in lava does not burn;
  • increases movement speed;
  • to create it, we use fire powder and magma blocks.

Like the first book, it consumes the hunger scale. Also the author has updated some textures and fixed modification bugs. For the modification to work correctly, be sure to enable experimental game features in the settings Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

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