Glowing squid textures | Glittery Glow Squids for Minecraft

More recently, new octopuses have appeared in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. But you can’t get to them in the game without a creative mode. The package can help you textures Glowing squid (GlitteryGlowSquids), which will change the creatures we are used to.

In themselves textures Glowing squids (Glittery Glow Squids) are nothing unusual – they just replace in Minecraft on the phone one option to the other. By the way, the updated version will be dropped by regular ink. And here’s how the whole thing looks in Minecraft PE under water! Beauty!

The new version of the squid, by the way, is strikingly different from the announced one. It does not glow entirely, but only its turquoise parts. It starts to glow completely while driving. Also, in the settings Minecraft BE you can choose from four glow presets that you like the most.

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