Giant House Map | Parkour Paradise: Giant House for Minecraft

If you seriously decide to do parkour in Minecraft, then the map Giant House (Parkour Paradise: Giant House) will be a great place to have fun. There are 10 levels, the difficulty of which is gradually increasing. And in the end, there will be the most difficult, bonus level, which can be called the resultant of all the previous ones. Each Minecraft Bedrock player is able to complete the map, even if at first glance it seems unrealistic. Don’t give up, try until you succeed, and only then can you succeed.

Features of the map Parkour Paradise: Giant House

After entering the game, you are taken to the lobby. There you can look around, read some instructions in MKPE and walk around the places where you will carry out tasks. Map multiplayer, so you can invite your friends. There are also checkpoints there.Card appearance |  Giant House Map

Huge cake |  Giant House Map

In the new version of the popular parkour map, the author has improved all available levels, as well as fixed some bugs and removed command blocks. Enjoy your passage!

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