Furnicraft mod – furniture addon for Minecraft PE in Russian

Furnicraft mcpe 1

How it works?
Considering that all the furniture is a block, you can arrange and unfold it as soon as you want. Moreover, some items can be interacted with.

Furnicraft mcpe 2

We warn you right away that in order to get blocks that are not available in the creative inventory, you will need to conduct several transactions with a villager.

Furnicraft mcpe 3

In addition, you can change the color of some of the objects using regular paint, so you won’t have any problems with choosing a uniform color scheme for the room.

The car replaces the witch, and instead of some of the paintings, there are now tools, so feel free to use them to decorate the garage.

Furnicraft mcpe 4

Here’s a list of the new items and creatures they’ve replaced:

  • Car – Witch
  • A TV appeared instead of a creeper head
  • A set for a gamer instead of a dragon head
  • Stove replaces wither skeleton skull
  • The billiard table replaced the zombie head
  • Instead of annoying zombie villagers, there are now chairs and sofas
  • Steve’s head is replaced with a piano
  • Beds have been replaced with 3D counterparts
  • Instead of shulkers, now tables
  • Comfortable kitchen furniture instead of stone carvers
  • Lucky Block, Barrier Block, and Fake End Portal Replaced Several Nether Reactors

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