Farm Cart Mod | Vanilla Farming Wagon for Minecraft

The author who worked on the creation mod Vanilla Farming Wagon, got tired of moving objects by hand, and decided to make survival in Minecraft Bedrock Edish a little easier. Now the carts in the game will have their own inventory!

How Vanilla Farming Wagon mod works

If you are familiar with the problem of lack of space in your inventory, feel free to download the Vanilla Farming Wagon mod. It will add to Minecraft PE new transport, which is a spacious trolley. To get it, follow the creation instructions.

Craft carts |  Mod Farm Cart

It sounds strange, but after crafting, this thing will have to be tamed.

The domestication of the trolley |  Mod Farm Cart

Yes, the cart is essentially an entity, but let’s not focus on that. As soon as you become friends, access to the inventory of the cart will open, which is quite roomy. To transport things to Minecraft for tablet, use a leash.

Inventory Trolleys |  Mod Farm Cart

New transport from fashion The Vanilla Farming Wagon has its own sounds and animations, and the model itself looks decent.

What the cart looks like |  Mod Farm Cart

The item is suitable for both survival and creative mode, and its scope of application is MCBE limited only by your imagination.

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