Farlanders mod for Minecraft

Once upon a time, the Far Lands were born, where the Endermen lived. Everything changed when their lands disappeared and the creatures had to look for a new world to inhabit. So they came to us in Minecraft PE from fashion The Farlanders. Beware of New Endermen: some of them are really dangerous, and some will be great opportunities to stock up on new items and materials.

How it works?
The assembly includes 7 new types of endermen and many new items and ores. All creatures can be found in the ordinary world.

Passive mobs that sell useful items to the user. There are three types of mobs:

  • Regular farlander
  • Ancient Farlander
  • Wanderer

Farlander characteristics

  • Health: 20 units
  • Neither players nor monsters are attacked
  • Sell ​​items
  • Drop: Ender Crystal

Enderman Guardian
Neutral mobs that carry a bow with them. Creatures will attack all monsters that they meet. In this case, the mobs do not touch the player without provocation.

  • Health: 20 units
  • Archery
three mobs
Enderman Guardian
Enderman Guardian

Aggressive creatures that spawn at night.

  • Health: 20 units
  • Attack: 4 units
  • Poison for 5 seconds
  • Drop: Rebel Helmet

Rebel Helm

Rebel Helm

The most dangerous creatures with a lot of health and damage. Be careful.

  • Health: 100 units
  • Attack: 8 units
  • Drop: Horn of the Ender

Even more dangerous than golems: health and damage are the same as those of the strongest bosses. Users will be pursued.

  • Health: 400 units
  • Attack: 14 units
  • Knockback Immunity
  • Drop: Ender Horn and Skull

Custom enderman
Similar to a regular enderman. Only the drop changes: this mob drops a crystal and pearls of the End.

Custom enderman

White enderman
Similar to a regular enderman. This mob drops a pink Ender pearl, which can be melted down to obtain valuable material.

White enderman
ore production

If you break the pink ore of the End, you can get crystals.

Obtaining Pink Ender Ore

Little endermen that are tamed with apples. The mob will protect the user from all threats. If equipped with a diamond sword, then the creature will become even stronger.

  • Health: 40 units
  • Attack: 3 units
  • Sword attack: 12 units

Mystical Enderman
Spawn all over the world. The characteristics of a mob are similar to a regular enderman, but when dealing damage, the mob poisons the target.

  • Health: 45 units
  • Attack: 7 units with poison effect for 10 seconds
  • Drop: Mystic wand (regeneration, invisibility and fire immunity)

Ancient mystical minion
Aggressive creatures that cannot be tamed.

  • Health: 45 units
  • Attack: small balls of fire
  • Drop: Mystic wand (regeneration, invisibility and fire immunity)
Ancient mystical minion

Horn of the Edge
Can be obtained by killing a Titan or an Enderman Golem. Used to craft new survival items.

Sword of the End
An unusual sword with 6 points of damage.

Edge Apple
Normal apple with effects:

  • Meals: 4 units
  • Regeneration for 2 minutes
  • Resistance for 10 minutes
  • Fire resistance for 10 minutes
  • Absorption IV for 10 minutes

Use the recipes below to craft items.

craft items

End Crystal
You can only get it from new mobs: it is not yet possible to get them in caves or craft blocks from crystals.

craft items

Mystical wand
Obtainable by killing a mystical enderman or an ancient mystical minion. Provides positive effects.

Mystical wand

There are three types of mystic wands available:

  • Regeneration
    Duration: 120 seconds (level 2)
  • Invisibility
    Duration: 500 seconds
  • Fire resistance
    Duration: 1000 seconds

For positive effects:

  • Android / IOS: take mystic wand in hand and use long press
  • Windows 10: take the mystic wand in your hand and hold the right mouse button
using a stick

Edge Armor
You can craft an enderman skin, but for this you need the appropriate armor. For crafting, use the recipes below.

Edge Armor

Don’t forget to enable Experimental options in the map settings

Changes in the new version

  • Added new animations
  • Changed the behavior of mobs

Supported versions

1.16.210 (beta)





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